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In the past two years, more than $400 billion-worth megaprojects have been postponed, re-phased, re-cycled or cancelled:  it is unlikely that any of them will ever feature in the future energy landscape. Yet this is potentially a good thing. Over the span of the previous decade, the majority of oil and gas megaprojects have landed more...Full Article »
The desire to automate business processes and remote connectivity in critical infrastructure is rising due to the efficiencies gained through the interconnection of standard IT or “business” networks to these critical operational systems or Operational Technology (OT). And due to the modernization of technologies used in critical infrastructure...Full Article »
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The ageing assets present the Oil and Gas industry with a continuous and growing challenge.There is incorrect or missing legacy information, lack of integrity, unsafe situations and inefficient execution of operation and maintenance. Given that a facility may have been in operation for a number of decades, critical information may be incompatible...Full Article »
Performance Management Oil and EnergyAsset Performance Management (APM) solutions are being revisited by end users as they, like many other applications in the Digital Oilfield - have underperformed relative to customer expectations.  It is believed that one of the challenges past in performance management in oil and energy is that APM...Full Article »
The oil  gas industry is going through tough times. Low oil prices are putting further pressure on companies to hit higher levels of efficiency and productivity whilst still making cost reductions. A trend common amongst the industry's leading operators, primary and secondary distributors and oilfield service companies, is the use of...Full Article »
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The webinar will be a journey that will show you how and oil & gas "Company X" can fall foul of a cyber attack, what the stages of such an attack are and where they come from. In a "when" rather than "if" scenario, it will be most important to react to these attacks and limit the damage...Full Article »
During this webinar we will discuss how laser scanning and point cloud technology can benefit you in several stages of the plant lifecycle. Enabling faster project startup by optimising the handover between OOs and EPCs, saving engineers 15% by reducing rework due to inaccurate information....Full Article »
Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Chevron and IHS discuss a roadmap for effective process safety management to reduce the likelihood of significant incidents and maintain reliable operations....Full Article »
Handover costs for a USD1 billion facility can be up to USD 20 million. It is therefore critical for Owner Operators to achieve timely EPC handover, and avoid production delays caused by incorrect or incomplete asset data.Managing the handover of data and documentation from projects to operations is especially daunting. The volumes are vast – even...Full Article »
Lean construction uses lean concepts to approach value rather than cost, efficiency and schedule. Technology is critical for innovation. Appropriate technology to make your processes leaner is now available to the construction industry in several industries: from process and oil & gas to power generation, shipbuilding, offshore and...Full Article »
88 results
of 8