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Today the stakes are high for professionals involved in oil exploration through oil drilling (including offshore drilling), gas exploration and field development. Oil & Gas IQ is proud to be the industry’s leading source of essential information for onshore and offshore oil drilling, gas exploration and production as well as the development and management of fields. Start exploring today!

Contributor: Oil & Gas IQ News
Posted: 03/24/2017
Advances in technology have meant oil and gas companies can now go drill down to previously impossible depths. In this infographic learn more about the Z-44 Chayvo Well, which as part of the Sakhalin-I project, is the deepest on the planet. Full Article »
Posted: 06/09/2011
Shale Revolution: Evolving Policy in the Face of Changing Regulations
Gary Slagel, Director of Government Affairs for natural gas and coal producer CONSOL Energy, explores the range of regulatory issues facing upstream operators with regards to on site development and drilling in the shale gas fields. Full Video »
Contributor: Tim Haïdar, EIC
Posted: 05/20/2014
In this exclusive podcast, Editor-in-Chief of Oil & Gas IQ, Tim Haðdar, speaks with George Sarraf, Partner at Strategy& about his work in constructing a local content framework for post-dictatorship Iraq. George Sarraf is a Beirut-based Partner with Strategy& and a member of the firm’s Energy, Chemicals, and Utilities practice. He Full Podcast »
Posted: 08/13/2015
[INFOGRAPHIC] High Pressure High Temperate, High Costs, High Stakes?
The global oil price downturn has hit many areas of the hydrocarbons industry with varying degrees of severity. High cost, high complexity projects have been hard hit, so high pressure, high temperate (HPHT) drilling projects have seen more of an adverse reaction than more conventional developments. In the following infographic, we have collated the findings of a wide-ranging survey of our community of professionals working in the HPHT space to gauge where the industry finds itself in the current moment and where the potential kicks may come down the line. Full Whitepaper »