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About IQPC

IQPC launches several oil and gas conferences annually within the United States as well as internationally in countries such as Australia, the UK, Egypt, India, The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Malaysia and Canada to name a few. Some flagship IQPC Oil and Gas events topics cover Drill and Blast, Wind Energy Operations & Maintenance, Data & Knowledge Management for Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, Carbon Management for Oil and Gas, Water Management, Mining and Exploration, Coal Processing, Mine Site Bulk Materials, Asset Integrity Management. At IQPC's Oil and Gas events, professionals within all niches of Oil and Gas production congregate to address issues and challenges within the Oil and Gas industry. They share best practices with an aim of building their knowledge and insight for strategic application in their various systems and projects.

IQPC, Oil and Gas IQ and Industry Learning

Oil and Gas IQ enables IQPC to provide Oil and Gas industry professionals with the tools and resources in the form of various media. As such, IQPC builds a strong link between online and offline Oil and Gas events. Oil and Gas IQ arms industry professionals with the tools to increase and apply their knowledge before and after Oil and Gas conferences and summits. On the Oil and Gas IQ, professionals are offered given access to the latest oil news and gas news and information through online oil and gas events & oil and gas seminarpresentations, gas and oil articlesoil podcasts recordings, oil and gas video presentations, oil and gas questions and answers, gas and oil blog postings, whitepapers focused on gas and oil research as well as a comprehensive oil glossary Our members and conference attendees benefit from a culmination of 100% industry research, practical information and tools that cover solve critical everyday business problems.

IQPC, Oil and Gas IQ and Professional Relationship Building

Oil and Gas IQ professionals also have the advantage of meeting and interacting with their industry peers at IQPC's Oil and Gas events. While IQPC believes in the value of networking at these events, we also know that time limits and information overload can easily make fruitful networking a challenge. IQPC addresses this challenge with the Oil and Gas IQ forum, where event attendees are given the tools and opportunity continue to cultivate their connections that they make at live events. On Oil and Gas IQ, industry members can network as you ask questions, answer those that you can, discuss and debate at will. The opportunities for interaction are myriad and strengthened by the ability to create interest groups for niche and silo topic exploration and understanding. There is no question, IQPC and Oil and Gas IQ are the premier informational hub for Oil and Gas professionals at every level.

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