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Shale Revolution: Evolving Policy in the Face of Changing Regulations
Gary Slagel, Director of Government Affairs for natural gas and coal producer CONSOL Energy, explores the range of regulatory issues facing upstream operators with regards to on site development and... View now
Tags: shale | shale gas | shale gas production
The Snowball Effect of Improper OH&S Standards
In this exclusive interview with Oil & Gas iQ, Ken Fleeman, Manager of Engineering at ABARTA Oil & Gas Co, Inc explores the range of potential hazards associated with oil and gas drilling... View now
Tags: shale | shale gas
Shale Gas: Ensuring Environmental Safety and Compliance While Drilling
George Jugovic Jr, Director of Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection's Southwest Regional Office, talks to Oil & Gas iQ about the environmental impacts of drilling for... View now
Tags: shale | pennsylvania | George Jugovic
Past Events Inform Future Trends - How Yesterday's M&A Can Help Tomorrow's Bottom Line
Working on the educated assumption that past events inform future trends, David Fishman, Chief Economist at Fugro Robertson Limited takes us on a whistlestop tour of the UK M&A landscape in years... View now
Tags: David Fishman | Fugro Robertson Limited | A&D
Oil and Gas Production: Shell CEO Peter Voser on Drilling Strategies in China
Peter Voser, CEO, Royal Dutch Shell, talks about the oil drilling strategies in Asia, particularly in China.
Tags: drilling strategies | Peter Voser | royal dutch shell