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Derek Park

Derek Park has 35 years experience of operational and organisational management in the oil, process and utilities industries. A chartered mechanical engineer, he spent time as a construction and commissioning manager on major offshore projects and was later an OIM in the North Sea. He has also managed operations on major pipelines and at onshore petrochemical facilities. During this time he realised that whilst the actions of people are key to the performance of any organisation, this is often not fully appreciated by managers and management systems.

He is a creator and developer of effective organisations and is driven by a belief that too many people spend too much of their time working on things that simply make no difference. He works directly with front line staff and advocates a ‘bottom up’ approach to transformation, complementary to the usual structural techniques. He specialises in engaging people in the change process, recognising that sustainable cultural change can only happen when people are prepared to take personal responsibility for transformation process itself.

Derek now works as an independent consultant and you can reach him at parkd@operations-excellence.com

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27 results
of 3