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Rig Writer is the official blog from the Oil & Gas IQ team. Each edition features thoughts and musings on the latest development in oil and gas from a variety of viewpoints.

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Africa, being one of the most highly populated continents, suffers from an electricity shortage. About 80 percent of the population does not have access to electricity. Now, take a moment and think to yourself, is it fair that we can watch the FIFA World Cup and they can not… the answer is obvious....Full Article »
On a much larger scale, the same applies to huge oil and gas plants that failing to be well prepared and "maintain" their assets face much greater consequences. What in industry terms is referred to as "Unplanned Shutdowns."...Full Article »
There are many ‘virtual exhibition’ sites out there, some of which even go so far as to replicate the awkward, boxy exhibition stands which evolved as a means to cram as many exhibitors into a limited physical space as possible (I guess to add an element of familiarity to an unfamiliar concept). Some are better than others, but none...Full Article »
The eyes of much of the world this week have been on Geneva as executives from world football governing body Fifa voted on where the World Cup will be played in 8 and 12 years respectively. Amidst all of the celebrations and recriminations, what was most interesting for me is that what took place in Geneva last week is mirroring what has been...Full Article »
It seems that the Arab world is in more turmoil than usual. Tempers are flaring, the "peasants" are revolting and the little people are clamouring for "change they can believe in". The approbation of liberal-minded Western pluralists to Libya’s popular uprising is evident. The reaction of the oil market has been similarly blatant –...Full Article »
A fortnight on and we can now with some certainty start calling it "The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster". Since the tsunami and 9.0 magnitude earthquake crippled the Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan’s Fukusima, we have seen three reactor blowouts, forced evacuations and dangerously high levels of radiation detected in both the local food chain and...Full Article »
It’s official: last month, Spain became the only European country to derive the majority of its power generation from renewables. Spanish network operator Red Eléctrica (REE) announced that wind generation had become the country’s single largest power source, outputting 4,738 GWh of electricity in March and accounting for 21 per cent...Full Article »
News that the co-chair of the Presidential commission investigating the Macondo disaster has called safety measures onsite ‘inept’ prompted me to think how much can we ever guarantee that a tragedy like Macondo will ever happen again. Of course there are safety measures that can be taken, lessons learned, cultures improved. But there...Full Article »
Branding is commonly placed in the arena of marketing but its potential as an HR tool cannot be underestimated. The workforce of O&G companies works under high-pressure, even harsh circumstances, around activities that safeguard huge investments and assets. We all know that it takes more than just monetary benefits to be able to do that!...Full Article »
30 results
of 3