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Jessica Livingston

Jessica Livingston is the managing editor for the B2B company e-BIM, which includes the sites: www.humanresourcesiq.com, www.sixsigmaiq.com, www.customermanagementiq.com, www.defenceiq.com, www.idga.org and www.oilandgasiq.com.

Previously, Livingston worked at Weekly Reader, a division of Reader's Digest. During her tenure there, she worked as the editor for Know Your World Extra, a pop-culture magazine for remedial middle and high school students.

Livingston also writes the blog for the Human Resources IQ. Read it here at http:blogs.e-bim.com/.  

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Obviously, after the BP oil spill, tourism was somewhat lacking in the Ft. Lauderdale. Spirit Airlines is hoping to change this. In a recent tongue-in-cheek campaign, the airline ran an ad that features a woman sunning herself on a sandy white beach, holding a green and yellow lotion bottle with the words Best Protection. The caption reads, "...Full Article »
What’s really interesting is that while BP is currently being vilified in the United States, Shell, another huge oil company, was forced to pay $15.5 million in a civil case in conjunction to spills in Nigeria. But there is no ill-will towards Shell in the United States....Full Article »
Bill Gates thinks so. According to this article, Bill Gates is currently backing a nuclear power start up company, TerraPower. TerraPower already has raised tens of millions of dollars developing a traveling-wave nuclear reactor....Full Article »
Today, Hayward announced that he is stepping down from the CEO position and will take a job at BP’s joint venture in Russa. Hayward certainly didn’t cause the oil spill–he wasn’t even on the rig when it happened. But he was the very public face of BP, and he took the fall for it....Full Article »
According to an article on BBC, companies might start using human waste as gas. The article claims that by 2020, 15 percent of energy the UK produces has to be renewable. So they are looking to derive power from "sewage waste."...Full Article »
In the United States, gasoline prices have been going down. That’s good, right? I know I didn’t like paying $30 every time I had to fill up my car a couple of years ago. Apparently not. An article in The Washington Post claims that gas prices going down is bad for the economy. The reasoning is that gas prices are falling because...Full Article »
BP just released an investigative reportabout the Deepwater Horizon spill. And, while BP took some responsibility for the oil spill, it also pointed the blame at some of its partner companies....Full Article »
Social media is ubiquitous. (As you know, reading this information in a blog, possibly finding the link off of our Twitter feed– @oilandgasiq, if you’re interested.) What did we do before we could "like" every news story or beg high school crushes to help find our lost cow on Farmville?...Full Article »
In California, the governor, Arnold Schwarzeneger, is asking President Obama to declare a pipeline explosion a federal disaster. This would give federal funds to California so that they can clean up the damage in San Bruno caused by the explosion–damage that Schwarzeneger estimated to be over $10 million dollars....Full Article »
Bud Bierhaus, Glori Oil Limited’s Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing speaks on microbial enhanced oil recovery. Bierhaus discusses the technologies used and the conditions best suited for microbial enhanced oil recovery. LEARN MORE: The Top 10 Oil...Full Article »
15 results
of 2