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Offshore Oracle

The Offshore Oracle column takes a sideways look at the world of Oil & Gas.

Over the course of the last week, the UK has been wrapped in a blanket of snow and ice. Cars have been stranded on major roads, minor roads have been completely impassable and even drinkers in a Yorkshire pub have been trapped for days (although that doesn’t really smack of bad luck to me). And now it is being reported that in so many of...Full Article »
A favourite phrase from the HSE, it is something that senior management across the industry are really taking to heart. And the logic is clear, just like a series circuit, if the next level up is firing on all cylinders and pushing through safety initiatives those lower down the chain will behave accordingly. Right?...Full Article »
It is strongly held by many of the world’s religions that there is some sort of Supreme Being that isomniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent and infallible all at the same time. Clearly a logical impossibility but that’s the role of the Gods isn’t it? To be able to do the seemingly impossible? And that’s why we term them...Full Article »
No, this post isn’t about health and safety in a petting Zoo. I was at a conference last week promoting HSE and process safety in the power generation industry and there was a turn of events that got me thinking about incidents in the offshore industry....Full Article »