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A wise man once said that: “You have to look back to move forward”. Here at Oil & Gas IQ we embrace that tenet, and once a week we look into our past and cast a whimsical glance at how the events of a specific day have influenced the industry we all work in.


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January 25, 1759 - Another year, another oil related banner. Sláinte Mhath & Happy Burns Night to one and all! 254 years to the day that the Bard of Ayrshire was born, those of Scottish ancestry across the globe will be sipping Scotch whisky, tucking into the "Great chieftain o' the puddin-race" (haggis) and reeling off some of Rabbie Burns...Full Article »
April 19th 1883, Lemberg, Austria-Hungary – A second son is born into the household of Arthur Edler von Mises and Adele Landau in capital of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria (yes really). Richard Edler von Mises and his older brother Ludwig Heinrich Edler would follow their father into academic life and, in time, become leading lights in...Full Article »
April 27th 1956, Newark, New Jersey – The converted World War II oil tanker, the SS Ideal X leaves port bound for Houston, Texas. 160 metres long, 21 metres high and 9.1 metres at the beam, her stats belied nothing special. Her cargo, however, was revolutionary....Full Article »
May 3rd, 1874 - Today we celebrate the birthday of Vagn Walfrid Ekman, born 139 years ago on this very day in Stockholm, Sweden.The son of prominent oceanographer, Fredrik Laurentz Ekman, Vagn Walfrid would dedicate his life to the study of marine science whilst reading physics at his alma mater, the University of Uppsala....Full Article »
May 10th, 1877, Bucharest, The Romanian United Principalities – The Romanian Senate adopts Foreign Affairs Minister Mihail Kogalniceanu's Declaration of Independence, proclaiming the country’s split from the Ottoman Empire. After the end of the ensuing Romanian War of Independence, waged between a Russo-Romanian alliance and the...Full Article »
May 17th, 1902, Athens, Greece – Valerios Stais is sorting through hundreds of objects at the National Museum of Archaeology. The finds were recovered from a shipwreck discovered two years ago by local sponge divers off of Point Glyphadia on the rim of the Aegean Sea. As Stais examines the artefacts, he notices that a lump of salvaged rock...Full Article »
24th May 1970, Kola Peninsula, USSR – The Uralmash-4E drilling rig begins to crunch through rock in the frozen wastes of North-Western Russia. The object of the development was simple: to drill as deep as possible into the Earth’s crust before the drill breaks – that’s so oil and gas....Full Article »
31st May, 1927, Highland Park, Michigan, USA – The conveyor belts whir to a halt and tired workers down tools. The end of the working day at a factory in Wayne County signals the end of an era....Full Article »
June 7th, 1494, Tordesillas, The Kingdom of Spain – Six Iberian nobles put quill to parchment in the small town of Tordesillas outside of Valladolid, the capital of Castilla y León. Don Enrique Enriques, Don Gutierre de Cardenas, Dr Rodrigo Maldonado, Ruy de Sousa, Joao de Sousa, and Ayres Almada had just signed one of the world’s most...Full Article »
June 17th 1822, Royal Astronomical Society, London – A paper is read to the assembled gentlemen of the learned society. Its title, Note on the application of machinery to the computation of astronomical and mathematical tables, is as dry as a smoked sand sandwich, but its contents are revolutionary....Full Article »
59 results
of 6