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Cody Davis

Cody Davis serves as Chief Executive Officer of GeoComp Energy, LLC.  

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, GeoComp was founded in 1998, and acquired by Mr. Davis in 2014.  Mr. Davis was raised in the oil and gas producing region around Elk City, Oklahoma.  A third generation oilman, Mr. Davis has fond memories of accompanying his grandfathers to Oklahoma well sights as a youngster.  His love for the oilfield industry was generated through family influence, and resulted in Davis becoming an oil and gas executive approximately one decade ago.  During that time, Mr. Davis has been instrumental in developing successful exploration companies responsible for drilling, completing, and producing oil and natural gas wells.  Mr. Davis currently resides in Austin, Texas. His outside activities include involvement with The Vistage Group, a CEO based mentoring and personal development organization, golfing, boating, and hunting.

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12 results
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