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Sumit Dutta

Sumit Dutta is the Digital Marketing Manager for IQPC's online B2B communities: the IQ portals.

Since 2010, Sumit has launched, established and managed the Pharma IQ, Cold Chain IQ, Energy IQ and Oil & Gas IQ sites and communities.

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In this infographic from Mirage Machines get an overview of API 6A gate valves and includes gate valve basics, what the API 6A standard covers and why valves fail....Full Article »
There has never been a more critical time for oil and gas companies to eliminate sources of risk and value loss. Forward-thinking oil and gas companies are making changes now to set themselves on a more sustainable path. Those making the commitment to enterprise operational excellence are lowering their risk and emerging leaner, more nimble and...Full Article »
In this Fuelfighter infographic learn more about projected global growth in energy demand and how energy production can match demand. It also takes a look at the outcomes predicted by some of the leading environmental agencies including, what’s being invested, who’s trying to stop global warming, how energy production could match demand and the...Full Article »
From recruitment to advertising to announcing new initiatives and even damage control, social media is a tool that the oil and gas industry needs to use. In this Oil & Gas IQ guide learn about the pivotal role social media can play plus tips to build your social media strategy and getting the best results....Full Article »
Maximising Efficiency while Minimising Downtime and ExpenditureLow oil prices are forcing companies to operate HPHT drilling and completion projects with reduced manpower and stringent budget allowances, placing extreme pressure on HPHT managers.Preparing for this by understanding the most contemporary technology available for robust well design,...Full Article »
The Oil & Gas IQ team were in London this week for the 2016 Oil and Gas Intellectual Property Summit. The event brought together IP experts and leaders to discuss best practice for IP Portfolio Management and Innovation. Here are some of the highlights from Twitter....Full Article »
During this webinar we will use the intelligence gained from our comprehensive survey and dig deeper into the answers given, offer fortifying insights and suggestions. Additionally we will share example scenarios on how we believe IT Security should become a continuous process....Full Article »
This infographic brings together some of the key numbers relating to the future of the decommissioning in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) region. It provides an easy visual guide to the shift in emphasis towards decommissioning projects and demonstrates the scale of the challenges ahead....Full Article »
Check out this infographic which shows the pricing of petrol and diesel in the cheapest and most expensive countries in the world, as well as all the major economies and major oil producers of the world. In total we have listed the average price of diesel and petrol in 2015 across 25 countries....Full Article »
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In this 30 minute webinar, Christian Prickaerts, Manager of Managed Security Services at Fox-IT will explains the necessity of a cyber security operations center: not only for better discovering cyber attacks, but also for helping you deal with the latest legislation governing data leaks....Full Article »
88 results
of 9