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The unrest in the Near East and the Maghreb in 2015 will rumble on into 2016, intensifying in certain flash points. Ongoing conflict in a fractured post-Gaddafi Libya has already spilled over into Tunisia, where several "soft target" terror attacks were perpetrated in 2015. Neighbouring Algeria, with a long history of Islamist-inspired violence,...Full Article »
Shale oil has been used since the early 1300s and although humans have been extracting it for some seven centuries, it is not until the very recent past that we have been able to talk about commercial-scale exploitation of oil shales as a viable energy resource. In this piece we take a look at the top ten nations by technically recoverable shale...Full Article »
Liquefied natural gas is taking the world by storm as a low carbon fuel alternative. But where is it making the most difference? In this Oil & Gas Top 10, Asdza Nadleehe looks at the world's five largest future import and export terminal projects....Full Article »
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