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Gareth Lock

Gareth Lock is a retired senior officer in the RAF where he operated, instructed and supervised on tactical and strategic missions in the C-130K Hercules.

During his time in the RAF he started a PhD examining the role of Human Factors in SCUBA diving which has technical, supervisory, organisational and cultural issues at its core. Since October 2014 Gareth has been delivering Well Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM) training and coaching in the Middle East for a major client working through Critical Team Performance, a bespoke consultancy who were contracted by the IOGP's Wells Expert Committee's Human Factors Task Force to prepare an industry-changing recommended practice document that would set a standard for the implementation of Crew Resource Management (aka Non-Technical Skills) in Well Operations Teams.

This programme has identified a number of significant challenges in delivering Western-based training into non-Western cultures and thus required considerable skill to get to the core problems about the barriers to improved performance and consequently improved safety.

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