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Mark La Pensee
Before we set about developing the next generation MTP8000Ex Series our key aim was to make a smarter ATEX radio that better addressed the needs of its users – the workers in hazardous environments. We listened to the challenges and frustrations these workers faced every day and did something about them. All with the aim of increasing their...Full Article »
When designing an ATEX radio safety comes first – it’s really that simple. That’s why we built the next generation of TETRA ATEX radios, the MTP8000Ex Series to be safer than ever before. They are designed to be the communications lifeline for workers, protecting them and keeping them safe in the most hazardous environments...Full Article »
We are a society of consumers. We grow, extract and process materials and food stuffs into those everyday products that we take for granted. But when was the last time you even considered how complicated, difficult or even dangerous the processes might be behind food on our table or the latest must have gadget?...Full Article »
We listened to our customers and we learned. Motorola has more than 20 years of experience in providing intrinsically safe two-way radios. Having shipped more than 100,000 TETRA ATEX radios, we are the leading supplier of TETRA radio communications solutions for use in hazardous environments....Full Article »
At Motorola Solutions we are always listening to the voice of the customer. When we started thinking about developing a new ATEX radio it became clear that our customers had 5 key requirements: better audio, better coverage, easier to use, rugged design and ATEX accessories. It also became obvious that they didn’t want just an ATEX radio;...Full Article »
The starting point for all ATEX equipment is the focus on preventing the creation of an ignition source within a potentially explosive environment. Beyond this key point, when designing any two-way communications equipment there are five key considerations: audio performance, coverage, ruggedness, accessories and usability....Full Article »