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Greg Hess

Greg graduated from the University of Calgary in 1978. Greg sharpened his leadership skills by teaching and coaching in both the US and Canada for 12 years. After three successful years at Westlake High School, Greg accepted the assistant coaching position at California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA. During this time, he also completed his MBA, taught undergraduate courses, managed Magic Johnson Basketball Camps, coordinated Special Olympic Events, managed fund raising events for defeating multiple sclerosis, and was published seven times. Greg’s career shift to the business sector has led to a series of successful executive positions.

From an imaging and workflow specialist, to a change management leader, to a company president, Greg has led projects and organizations in a vast breadth of industries. An outstanding speaker, author and presenter, Greg brings a lifetime of successful experiences and a fearless approach to creative planning, team building, and the execution of business management and strategy. Greg is based in Houston, TX and is the manager of Cloud Delivery and PetroBank for the North America Region at Landmark. Greg has demonstrated strong leadership skills by identifying distributed computing trends and establishing IT efficiencies for the oil and gas industry. During his tenure at Landmark he saw revenues, customers, and infrastructure growth of more than 30 per cent year over year.