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Leandro Basilio is founder and COO at Deep Seed Solutions. With more than 20 years of experience in the mechanical industry, he has advanced knowledge in the design and manufacture of equipment for the automotive and oil and gas industries. 

In  the past 10 years, he has developed his career leading projects in Oil and gas, with a special emphasis on the development of offshore oil and gasp production systems at Petrobras, and developing conceptual, basic and executive projects of subsea production systems at Wood Group. 

You can contact Leandro at 

In part two of his series on the best ways to manage an offshore development, Leandro Basilio takes us through best practice in the crucial front-end loading stages of a project. Precision, efficiency and clarity in this early phase can often be the difference between an economic success story or a costly failure....Full Article »
In this first of a series of articles about optimal management of offshore projects, Leandro Basilio looks at the infrastructure that underpins a project’s success  The oil gas Industry has faced turbulent times due to oil prices, which decreased from a level higher than $100 to below $30 per barrel. In this macroeconomic context, great...Full Article »
The oil and gas industry has experienced turbulent times in the last two years, and companies in the sector have made massive efforts to curb costs and scale back on new project development. Based on the uncertainties about the direction of industry, there has been much speculation about the continuity of petroleum as the main source of energy...Full Article »