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John Woodhouse is one of the most widely known experts in integrated asset management. With a background in oil and gas upstream and downstream operations (Shell Expro in the UK, Norway, Brunei, Netherlands) and major engineering (senior management positions in Kvaerner).

He launched TWPL in 1995 as a consortium of former senior industrial managers to provide pragmatic advice and support in the embedding of good practices and development of asset management competences.

John is also a founding member, council member, life fellow and chair of experts panel for the Institute of Asset Management. He was project director for the British Standards Institute/IAM development of the PAS 55 standard for asset management.

John was appointed a principal expert to represent the UK on the International Standard for Asset Management (ISO 55000 – published in 2014).

John is also author of the book ‘Managing Industrial Risk’, Publ. Chapman & Hall, 1993 and ‘Asset management decision-making: the SALVO Process’, and lectures widely around the world at conferences and through university and in-house management training programmes.

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Asset management can make a significant impact when companies start thinking about the systems – the collections of assets that provide value – and stop focusing on maintenance of individual components. In the third part of John Woodhouse's series on asset management, we find out how...Full Article »
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In the wake of the oil price descent, improving asset management should be a key addition to the top of the strategic agenda for industries both large and small. In this first part of John Woodhouse's walk-through of the benefits of asset management, we take a look at four separate issues that could be solved by this emerging science....Full Article »
11 results
of 2