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December 3-4, 2019 

In times of unprecedented levels of complexity and volatility throughout the oil and gas industry, companies are looking where best to cut costs and improve efficiencies. As historically low commodity prices, geopolitical events, disruptive technologies and increased regulation add extra pressures to oil and gas operations, Oil & Gas IQ introduces a new online event to help companies solve these challenges.

Asset Optimization in Oil & Gas: Online 2019 will offer attendees the opportunity to discover how the most innovative oil and gas companies are adopting the latest technologies on their operations to improve efficiencies across the board and which digital asset optimization practices they are leveraging.

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What you will learn by attending this event

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What oil and gas firms have been doing to maximize the swaths of data at their disposal

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How to utilize the latest technologies to increase productivity and reduce downtime

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Why automation, AI, the IoT and machine learning are transforming the oil and gas industry



Day One

09:00 ET (GMT +5): Asset Performance Optimization in Action: OpenText Customer Case Study
Speaker: Martin Richards, Senior Director, Energy Industry Strategist, OpenText

  • Transitioning to Industry 4.0 and how to start
  • From reactive to proactive operations
  • Case example: Equipment failure predictive maintenance through OpenText Magellan
    • Automated predictive maintenance
    • Self-service predictive maintenance

    11:00 ET (GMT +5): MRO Inventory Optimization: Reduce Costs and Minimize Asset Downtime with the Right Inventory Mix
    Speaker: Mehtab Gilani, Associate Partner – Chemical & Petroleum, IBM

    With approximately 50 per cent of annual unscheduled asset downtime in the oil and gas industry attributed to the lack of spare parts and stock outs, IBM’s Mehtab Gilani will share how advanced analytics can be used to tackle maintenance repair and operations challenges.

    During this session, Mehtab Gilani, Associate Partner – Chemical & Petroleum at IBM, will discuss:
    • Why companies must avoid and manage risk while minimizing and optimizing cost and exceed performance.
    • How to minimize inventory costs without compromising service levels and asset uptime to deliver true inventory optimization.
    • How to attain a 50 per cent reduction in unplanned downtime through MRO inventory optimization and an average 30 per cent reduction in MRO inventory costs.

      13:00 ET (GMT +5): Data Collection in Industrial Environments Made Easy
      Speaker: Thorston Weiler, Head of Sales and Marketing, inray

      Big data projects and extensive data collection build the foundation to make businesses more efficient and effective. Optimizing industrial and commercial processes depends on gathering available data from different sources. However, while this data is the lifeblood of analyzing, understanding and optimizing modern business, collecting it is often easier said than done.
      During this session, Thorston Weiler, Head of Sales and Marketing at inray, will explore:
      • How data insights can transform your business.
      • How organizations can most easily and efficiently acquire, process, distribute, analyze and visualize their automation data.
      • How to easily connect InfluxDB with almost any industrial and commercial system using OPC Router software.

        Day Two

        09:00 ET (GMT +5): Digital Twins for Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities
        Speaker: William David Hartell, EVP Operations & Production, New Age (African Global Energy) Ltd.

        Digital twins are used in the design and operation of offshore oil and gas facilities to improve safety, reliability, operability and maintainability, and can exist in various forms including as data, processes and physical entities. In this session, William David Hartell, EVP Operations & Production at New Age, will look at the benefits and uses of data, process and physical digital twins, and demonstrate how oil and gas companies are using these analytical tools to gain insights to make decisions that help improve safety and deliver more value.

        This session will explore:
        • Why digital twins require quality data and how digital twins should utilize reliable algorithms.
        • How dynamic simulation models should change with time to best model physical processes and why data scientists need to work with technical teams.
        • Why collaborative multi-discipline agile teams need a supportive culture to best deliver the value possible from digital twins.