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Interview with Nasser Al Buhairi, Chief Security Officer for Maritime Security and head of the Emergency Response Coordination Unit, Kuwait Oil Company

Download the full interview here where Nasser Al Buhairi addresses some of the important concerns in Kuwait and the GCC region.

Presentation by NAPESCO on Business Continuity Management

Download this presentation from the 4th Annual Crisis and Risk Management Kuwait Summit by Ali Hussain Asad, Head of Fire and Security at NAPESCO on business continuity management which covers incidents, impact, purpose, standards, comparisons and plan.

Presentation by OCTAL on reporting unsafe acts and conditions

Download this presentation from the 4th Annual Crisis and Risk Management Kuwait Summit by Mohammed Al Amri, HSE Manager at OCTAL which outlines the relationship between an incident and unsafe acts / conditions. Plus, factors that lead to an incident and steps to take to prevent an incident.

Presentation on emergency and crisis management by EQUATE

Download this presentation on emergency and crisis management by Sultan Redha, Emergency Response Planner, EQUATE Petroleum Company, Kuwait, and learn about the main elements in preparing for an emergency plus find out different emergency scenario preparations, support and mutual aid. 

How prepared are you to respond to an oil and gas incident?

Oil spills, pipeline leakages, refinery fires and explosions are a perennial hazard to the oil and gas industry, causing untold costs in human lives and environmental damages. Download our infographic to discover the key precautions, responses and post-incident strategies necessary to prevent, contain or mitigate such disasters.

KNPC's presentation on: Tier-3 Oil Spill Response in Kuwait

Download this presentation of case study on‘Tier-3 Oil Spill Response in Kuwait’ that was delivered in the 2018 Crisis Summit by Hosam Jamal, Sr. Environment Engineer Field - MAA, Kuwait National Petroleum Company.

The presentation highlights KNPC’s:

  • Oil spill categorization
  • Background -  Oil spill response
  • KNPC oil spill response capabilities
  • A case study on Tier-III oil spill response at Kuwait
  • Oil spill response activities at affected beaches across Kuwait
  •  Lessons learnt & forward path      

Crisis Summit 2017 Attendee Profile

Download this list to get a quick snapshot of who attended the previous edition of Crisis and Risk Management Summit and to find out more about the profile of people you can expect to meet at this year's event.