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Free Online Event September 24-25

Digital transformation is the number one area of growth and concern for oil and gas companies. It is changing the way we think about coming to the market, how we approach our competition, and how we shape environmental and societal changes by sourcing and analyzing data.

Join Oil & Gas IQ for Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas: Online 2019 and learn how some of the industry’s leading businesses are utilizing the digital revolution to maximize value.

Four sessions over two days will cover a range of knowledge levels – from establishing successful digital transformation initiatives and driving data-driven decisions to handling information overload and implementing effective predictive analytics.

Provide evidence of the financial benefits of investing in digital transformation

Utilise case studies to show how companies can holistically achieve a digital transformation 

Alleviate concerns about the insurmountability of initiating a digital transformation 


Featured Speakers

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Day One

14:00 BST (09:00 EST) – Improving asset performance in the field: Oilfield IoT success stories
Sandy D'Souza, Strategic Alliances, Fiix Software
Stuart Fergusson, Solutions Engineering Leader, Fiix Software

  • Get a framework to use when transforming your maintenance strategies: become proactive and predictive for asset performance.
  • Learn the keys to better asset performance, while gaining maintenance efficiency: resulting in a reduction in non-productive time.
  • See a demo on connecting your systems, workflows and assets for greater operational efficiency
  • Hear how gathering data in real time leads to greater accuracy and allows for data-driven decision-making.

16:00 BST (11:00 EST) – Is your digital transformation initiative set up for success?
Dr. Dana D. Wells, CEO & Principal, Dana Wells & Associates: A People Optimization & Efficiency Advisory & Consulting Firm

  • With digital transformation representing $1.6 trillion in value for the oil and gas industry, many companies are embarking on initiatives to capture this value for themselves, their customers and their shareholders.
  • In this session, Dr. Dana D. Wells will look at why many of these endeavors will fall short of attaining their intended goals during an interactive session which will aim to outline two of the top five risks to digital transformation efforts that oil and gas companies need to address immediately.
  • Dr. Dana will also explore how to create risk mitigation action plans for the top digital transformation risks in the oil and gas industry.

18:00 BST (13:00 EST) – Ensuring ROI for digital tech implementations: is your organization ready?
Fred Stawitz, President, Storymakers, Inc. 

  • How digital transformation presents oil and gas organizations with huge potential and the underlying factors within organizations that will impact digital implementation.
  • How profitability and ROI will impact organizations as they implement digital technologies such as IoT devices, big data storage, automation and blockchain.
  • Implementing an effective training program to ensure employee skill sets are ready for a new digital era.

Day Two

14:00 BST (09:00 EST) – How can digital transformation help me handle information overload?
Dave Camden, Director, Flare Solutions Limited

  • Major challenge of handling complex, petabyte-size datasets with highly variable content.
  • Easily and rapidly characterize what data exists so you can deal with it efficiently.
  • Migrate and integrate data while maintaining business continuity so you can minimize disruption
  • Develop and specify an effective point-forward IM framework/approach so you create an evergreen solution.

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