Nigeria has Africa’s largest crude oil reserves (37 billion barrels and 5,500 billion cubic meters of gas). Optimising production and is one of the biggest challenges upstream oil companies in Africa face today. Effe

The event will focus on achieving data availability for operations and drilling thus reducing Non-Productive Time (NPT) substantially. It will also focus on securing valves and pumps through sensors and remote monitoring of wells to help improve production capacities and uptime.

Do you want to optimise your production capacities and increase uptime percentages across all plants?

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Why Attend?

Interactive Sessions

Learn about the best methods of data management and manage data overloads

Real Situation Analysis

Digitalise your documents to optimise information management and document control

ISO Technical Committee

Optimise your smart valves and pumps for enhanced production optimization

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Recover the most from your oil wells through digital oil recovery techniques

Networking Opportunities

Leverage the most from artificial lifts to increase production capacities

Who Should Attend?

Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads, Managers, Team Leaders, Senior Engineers, Specialists, Supervisors, Engineers of the following departments:

  •  IT
  •  Information Security
  •  SCADA
  •  Planning
  •  Telecommunication
  •  IT Enterprise
  •  Functional Support
  •  Data management and security
  •  Well surveillance
  •  Automation
  •  Operations, Head of ERM/EAM
  •  Digitalization

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