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Over the next five years, expected CAPEX on FLNG un ...

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Build or Re-build: Does construction matter in FLNGs?

Using tailoring as an analogy, a New-Build FLNG may be likened to a bespoke suit and Converted as an example of upcycled clothing. As with anything bespoke, this allows all the customisation required to fi ...

Rising Trends, Breakthroughs & Opportunities in FLNG

Barely 6 years after the hull of Prelude, the world’s biggest and most anticipated FLNG plant, was floated into the water, Oil and Gas giant Shell has reported in June that it has shipped its first LNG cargo from the waters of Australia to importers in Asia. The event marked the beginning of what ...


There is no question that FLNGs can save cost and time – if executed well. A lot of the case studies and research surrounding FLNG have always centred around its real-life operability and how to best maximise its yield. With interest in FLNG starting to peak again, we profiled the most-watched FL ...

The FLNG Industry Overview 2016

Despite several high profile cancellations, the FLNG market still has a promising future as Petronas Satu approaches its start date and project developments continue for Ophir Energy, Delfin LNG and ENI’s Coral FLNG. To add context and analysis to this current FLNG market landscape, we are pleased t ...

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FLNG World Congress 2019 - Sponsorship/Exhibition Flyer

Stay at the forefront of your key prospects’ minds! FLNG World Congress provides the ‘perfect platform’ to network with potential buyers who are aggressively seeking solutions in this market. Take a look at our Sponsorship & Exhibition Flyer to see a breakdown of our audience, event topics and opportunities to maximise your experience.

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Stress Test: FLNG and the Oil Price Crash

In this presentation, Stephen Thompson, Manager LNG and Gas, APAC at Poten & Partners, outlines the three distinct business strategies companies are following during the current low oil price. According to Thompson, the variety of responses is generally good for the industry, making it stronger and more dynamic as a...

Identifying Current and Future Opportunities for LNG Purchasing in the Context of FLNG for Japan and Asia

In this presentation, Yasushi Sakakibara, Chief Representative, Asia Pacific Regional Office at Tokyo Gas, describes the current developments in Japanese LNG and opportunities for LNG purchasing in the context of FLNG. Download these slides to learn more.

Höegh LNG: FLNG Development Guaranteeing Performance

In this presentation, Duncan Clegg, General Manager of Australasia at HOEGH FLNG, outlines HOEGH’s FLNG development timeline, their capabilities and particularly their bitesize FLNG solution.

Hoegh FLNG Development Guaranteeing Performance

In this presentation, Duncan Clegg, General Manager Australasia, HOEGH FLNG, describe their project strategies in regards to balancing risk and performance. This presentation took place at the FLNG World Congress in Singapore, June 2015.

Integration Management for New Build FLNG Facilities

In this presentation, Rohn Shelton, Senior Interface Manager for FLNG at JGC Corporation, explains how to implement effective integration management for all parties involved in the design and construction of a new build FLNG project. This presentation took place at the FLNG World Congress in Singapore, June 2015.

Fortuna FLNG Project Overview

Download the article, to know more about the Fortuna FLNG Project and how them achieve the suceess.

FLNG Projects Around the World

Despite the fall in LNG spot prices and postponed projects in 2016, select projects continue to push ahead and yet others are in talks for FID. As the market picks up again, where will the world's next movements in FLNG occur? Here we briefly profile the most-watched FLNG projects, as well as...

Past Speaker Presentation

Evolution of AtShore LNG (ASLNG) Concept

-Presented by Paul Sullivan, VP Projects, Steelhead LNG


Presented by Arun Duggal, Chief of Technology, SOFEC, Inc.

Achieving Versatility in Mid-Scale FLNG Concepts

Presented by Luc Pescio, Vice-President of Floating Gas Solutions, Bumi Armada Berhad 

Past Speaker Presentation - Why might a bank finance an FLNG project now?

-Presented by Shiv Sivarajah, Director of Natural Resources, ING Bank AsiaThis presentation covers bankability and investment opportunities for FLNG projects.

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