Rising Trends, Breakthroughs & Opportunities in FLNG

Rising Trends, Breakthroughs & Opportunities in FLNG

Barely 6 years after the hull of Prelude, the world’s biggest and most anticipated FLNG plant, was floated into the water, Oil and Gas giant Shell has reported in June that it has shipped its first LNG cargo from the waters of Australia to importers in Asia. The event marked the beginning of what the company expects to be a bountiful journey for its maiden floating facility.

While a floating facility is massive in size, the production process that occurs inside its premises is focused on condensing natural occurring gas from underwater fields, and shrinking its volume by hundreds of times. FLNG technology does not only facilitate the same functions that occur in a multitude of land-based energy facilities, it also enables energy production that is more environmentally sound.

In this report, we discussed the rising trends, breakthroughs & opportunities in FLNG.

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