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With more than 40 proposed import projects utilising FSRU facilities, the FSRU industry shifts its focus to utilising FSRUs for gas-to-power projects with an emphasis placed on ensuring robust financing and contracting structures for successful project development and execution.In line wit ...

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How The FSRU Market Can Maximise Its Projects: A Two-Part Project Special

To discover how the industry can maximise its potential in the LNG market and run projects as efficiently as possible, the FSRU World Congress team spoke to a leading commercial FSRU expert on how to improve operational efficiency and also to Khalid Rahman, former Managing Director of Sui Souther ...

The FSRU Market: 2020 And Beyond

The increase in demand for LNG in different countries’ energy mix signify an increase in demand for FSRUs as a less expensive and time-consuming technology as compared to onshore import terminals. There are currently 42-62 proposed import projects using FSRU facilities, although only ...

Why FSRUs are Beneficial FOR Gas to Power Projects

Gas to power projects offer a solution for a cost effective and environmentally friendly source of energy to drive the power plants. Many of these projects are integrating an FSRU rather than onshore facilities due to an inherent advantage of short operational time and the a ...

Shifting Focus: FSRU investment moves from developing to stable markets

The FSRU market, entering the world stage in 2005, has started to come of age in recent years, enjoying extremely rapid growth. However a new trend is emerging as many developing markets struggle to complete on FSRU projects and orders, a series of high level providers have quickly reassessed, pu ...


The global FSRU market is expected to flourish over the next few years as demand for LNG continues to grow. According to research conducted by Market Research Future, the market is likely to touch 230 MTPA at a 13.88% CAGR during the period 2018-2023.What is the status of FSRU project ...

What’s shaping the supply and demand of LNG?

As demand for LNG intensifies across the global markets, imports thorough FSRUs are generally expected to grow concurrently as well. But what are the current drivers affecting this boom in demand? And will they change or remain the same in 2018? Download this article to find out the current lay o ...

Energy infrastructure in emerging economies - What is the role of fully operational FSRUs?

AG&P exclusively share with us their view on the current FSRU market and transitioning to successful operations. The article examines how the market can become more customer-centric including how a new generation of customers has emerged.Download now to discover:Why FSRUs are g ...

How can FSRU Projects Appeal to Banks?

Ahead of the FSRU Asia Summit, we have spoke to Shiv Sivarajah heads ING Bank’s Offshore Oil and Gas Services franchise in Asia. He spoke with the team to discuss the current climate for the FSRU market from a financiers perspective. We explore areas such as strategies for projects to stay ...

Setting Sail for Project Actualisation

As the FSRU market continues to take the spotlight in the LNG world, we’ve prepared a handy infographic for driving those projects forward for 2018. On top of critical market intelligence and information about existing projects and those under construction, we explore:The pros and con ...

Rise of the FSRU and the LNG Market Outlook

The number of FSRUs in operation around the world is rapidly growing, despite low LNG prices over the past two years. With new vessel owners entering the market, as well as a growing number of LNG receiving terminals being constructed around the world, the future is looking bright. Download this ebo ...

FSRUs in South Asia: Fad or A Practical Solution?

This article takes a closer look at why the Indian sub-continent is currently a favourable destination for LNG imports and also examines where FSRUs fit in the entire LNG value-chain in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan

FSRU's - The Great Gas Game Changer

In the last year or so there has been an upsurge in floating terminal proposals, particularly in Africa, Indonesia, India and Pakistan. There are now 25 floating terminals in operation with another 60 proposals at various stages of development, from early concept to implementation. Of these, 45 expe ...

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FSRU Summit - Attendee Snapshot

Take a look at who you can expect to network with this June at FSRU 2019 Summit based on the companies and job titles that attended last year's iteration.

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Past Presentation Slides

FSRU Markets in Asia

Kerry Anne Shanks, Head of APAC Gas and LNG Research, at Wood Mackenzie, spoke about understanding the requirements of existing FSRU markets in Asia and identifying new opportunities in the region. Breakdown of the various operational FSRUs deployed in Asia, including their current operating capacities and existing LNG supply contractsAnalysing...

Understanding FSRU Chartering Contracts And How It Will Impact The Number Of Available Vessels Over The Next Three Years

Parth Jindal, Managing Director at Höegh LNG Asia Pte.Ltd  spoke about understanding FSRU chartering contracts and how it will impact the number of available vessels over next three years: Breakdown of currently chartered FSRUs whose lease will expire in the next three years and how they will aff ect LNG...

Analysing The Successful Conversion Of An Existing Moss-Tank LNG Carrier Into Malta’s First FSRUS

Case-study presented by Luc Pescio , Vice-President, Floating Gas Solutions and Gianluca Orlandi, Project Manager, Floating Gas Solutions at Bumi Armada: Analysing The Successful Conversion Of An Existing Moss-Tank LNG Carrier Into Malta’s First FSRUSUnderstanding the various FSRU docking concepts and the reasons why Bumi Armadaadopted the spread-mooring arrangement for...

Philippine - Potential FSRU Implementations to meet the Country's Natural Gas Demand

Laura Saguin, Division Chief, Natural Gas Management Division from Philippine Department of Energy spoke about:Overview of the current natural gas supply situation in the PhilippinesEvaluating the benefi ts of FSRUs in meeting Philippine gas demandsUtilising a FSRU as an interim measure before a permanent LNG terminal is builtUpdates on time-line,...

LNG Import for Myanmar

As the previous Director General for the Energy Planning Department in Myanmar’s Ministry of Energy, U Soe Myint is well-versed in the country’s energy policies. Download his slides as he talked about Myanmar’s gas-fired power plant requirements and how FSRUs will benefit the development of the Thilawa SEZ and Dawei...

Indonesia LNG: To Support the Development of Power and Industry Demand

Sampe Purba, Vice President of Gas Commercialization at SKK Migas discussed about:Breakdown of Indonesia’s current energy matrix and how natural gas will grow in importance and account for 25% of the energy mix by 2025Achieving the 35k MW power generation target through the use of more gas-fired power plantsImportance of...

LNG Markets – the appetite to invest returns

Saul Kavonic, Principal at Wood Mackenzie, spoke about the appetite to invest returns in LNG markets.

Assessing the Feasibility of End-to-End FSRU Value Chain Integration

Suryan WiryaSimunovic, Executive Vice President, at Golar LNG Limited spoke about assessing the feasibility of end-to-end FSRU value chain integration

Evaluating Feasibility of Small-scale FSRUs in Meeting Asia's LNG Demand

Kelvin Li, Transaction Services Lead, South East Asia & China at Advisian spoke about evaluating feasibility of small-scale FSRUs in meeting asia's LNG demand

[Speaker Presentation] Mapping FSRU Demand with LNG Import Demand, Energy Mix and Structural Infrastructure

-Presented by Parth Jindal, Managing Director, Hoegh LNGThis presentation covers potential new FSRU markets in Asia and how it will affect existing and future LNG supply and demand and prices.

[Speaker Presentation] Leveraging LNG Bunkering & GUCD Services in Projects

-Presented by Wildan Rizanjaya, LNG Commercial Manager, PT Pertagas NiagaThis presentation features the case study from the Arun Terminal.

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FSRU Asia Current Delegate List

Take a peek at who is attending the 4th FSRU Asia Summit 2019. Don't miss the chance to learn from your fellow-industry peers and networking with key industry leaders. Download the current attendee list to see who you will be meeting. We look forward to seeing you in June. 

FSRU World Congress 2020 Attendee List

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A big part of attending conference is to learn from your fellow-industry peers and networking with key industry leaders. Download the past attendee list and see who has been to our previous FSRU Asia summits and who you may meet in the future.Don’t miss the chance to be at FSRU...

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