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Implementing Data Science and Intelligent Automation at Equinor

Ahead of the Intelligent Automation in Oil and Gas Summit 2020 in Huston, we sat down with Fakhri Landolsi, Head of Data Science North America at Equinor. Fakhri has lead transformational end-to-end data science projects in multiple industries; including oil and gas, both service and majors, but also automotive and robotics.

Fakhri has worked on several cutting-edge applications: inverse problems, purpose-built robotics, data-driven Diagnostics and Prognostics and Autonomous Vehicles. His focus has always been similar; creating value and leveraging all available data, moving from insights to actions. He is currently the head of Data Science North America in Equinor with exactly that same focus.


You can click here to download the whole, in-depth interview. Here is a snippet from our interview, to give you an insight into some of Fakhri’s industry insights.

Top 5 Insights from ConocoPhillips

In the lead up to Intelligent Automation in Oil and Gas 2020 in Houston, we sat down with Mark Hutcherson, Director of Operational Excellence at ConocoPhillips, to discuss how the company are using predictive analytics to drive real time production optimisation. In this article, we will be breaking down the top five most valuable insights Mark had to share from his experience at ConocoPhillips.