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As the new normal unfolds for the oil and gas industry, the leaders are focused on harnessing efficiencies in their operations and becoming more agile. Intelligent Automation is offering the industry the opportunity to use the information they have at their finger ...

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Implementing Smart Connected Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry

As the global demand for oil rises, the US shale industry can leverage smart connected operations – enabled by digital technologies – to deliver operational excellence in field operations. The ability to collect, process, analyze and act is an important driver for a very data-intensive upstream b ...

Engage Mobilize Case Studies

Engage Case Studies show actionable results outlining the benefits real clients have experienced after integrating the Engage platform into their daily operations. Their studies are concentrated around cost reduction, increased productivity, time savings and improved vendor relationships.

i2k Connect Oil & Gas Datasheet

Information is the foundation of the business of Oil & Gas, much of it contained in documents. The i2k AI Platform improves your operational efficiency by automatically identifying basins, fields and formations, and by classifying into the Society of P ...

Plutoshift: Breaking Ground on Implementing AI

While manufacturing companies see the value in implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, many are struggling to deliver clear results and are reevaluating their strategy, according to a new report. To gauge the progress and process of how manufacturing companies are implementing AI and ...

Plutoshift: The Challenge of Turning Data into Action

Manual processes and slow digital transformation within the manufacturing industry are inhibiting professionals from utilizing data to improve efficiency and processes, according to a report by Plutoshift, a performance monitoring solution for industrial processes. The report shows that nearly ...

Empowering your Operations Excellence journey

Proven with large-scale deployments across Fortune 500 Manufacturers, dDriven's UNLSH platform marks a major paradigm shift from the siloed and post-mortem nature of analytics and legacy approach to digital transformation. Download their brochure and reach out to them at to learn ...

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2020 Sample Attendee List

View a sample of the 2020 attendee list to see what companies are sending their teams and what job titles will be represented at the summit. 

Exclusive Interviews

Predictive Analytics to Drive Real Time Production Optimisation

In the lead up to the Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Summit, we will be delivering a series of proven use case studies for technology in some of North America's largest oil and gas companies. To kick start the series, we sat down with Mark Hutcherson, Director of Operations...

Implementing Data Science and Intelligent Automation at Equinor

What role does data science play in your organization? In this exclusive interview with Fakhri Landolsi,  Head of Data Science, NA, at Equinor, we discuss how the company is using data to drive intelligent automation – and how they are getting the entire company on board. Check out the interview to...

Moving Beyond Digital Transformation: The Connected Worker at Shell

The relentless pressure on operational efficiency has driven the oil and gas industry to focus on improving the effectiveness of its workforce -  connecting frontline workers to information so they can make faster, better decisions. This exclusive interview with Brent Kedzierski, Head of Learning Strategy & Innovation at Shell, discusses the...

Large-Scale Innovation at Sea: The Digital Overhaul at BP

In the wake of the 2015 downturn, BP was forced to transform current and future projects with maximum efficiency in mind.  In this exclusive interview with Ken Nguyen, Digital Program Manager at BP, we learn how BP is accomplishing the above with the digitalization of the Mad Dog 2 Floating Production...

Enbridge's Continuous Improvement and Digital Transformation Journey

Most oil and gas companies today have realized the value of automation technology, but many struggle to successfully employ it throughout the organization. In this exclusive interview with Biju Misra, Director of Operations for Enterprise Services at Enbridge, Biju discusses how Enbridge is working to deploy automation technology, starting with...

Using AI, RPA & Machine Learning to Drive Operational Excellence at Koch Industries

Sheryl Corrigan, Director, Environment, Heath & Safety at Koch Industries discusses the work Koch is doing in conjunction with the US Environmental Protection Agency to create next-generation leak detection technology for the oil and gas industry in this exclusive interview.

The Growth of RPA in the Energy Industry

In the lead up to the 2019 Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Summit in Houston, we sat down with Martin Ruane, UK Programme Director and Robotic Automation Lead at global energy and services company ENGIE, who shared his insights on the Growth of RPA in the Energy Industry.

The Future of Mining: Data-Led Decision Making

In the lead up to the 2019 Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Summit in Houston, we caught up with Arun Narayanan, Chief Data Officer at Anglo American. One of this year’s keynote speakers, Arun tells us about the digital transformation that is taking place in the mining industry, and Anglo...

Managing change without compromising reliability, compliance and safety performance

In the lead up to the 2019 Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Summit in Houston, Michele Harradence, Vice President of Gas Transmission shares how Enbridge redesigned their operating model following their acquisition of Spectra Energy.

Future in Focus: How CNRL is Using Innovation to Reduce Operational Cost and Risk

In the lead up to the 2019 Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Summit in Houston, we caught up with Joy Romero, Vice President of Technology & Innovation at Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL). Joy provides insight into CNRl's use of  ‘game changing’ technologies as well as their current carbon conversion...

Human Factors Meets Data Analytics at Chevron

In the lead up to the 2019 Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Summit in Houston, we spoke with Graciela Perez, Global Manager at Chevron, who shared how the global oil and gas giant is leveraging human factors and data analytics as part of their Lean Transformation

Leading Millenials to Operational Excellence

As leaders of Operational Excellence for our organizations, it is imperative to understand, embrace and leverage these differences to maximize our performance. Matt DiGeronimo, Vice President at Veolia, reflects on his experience working with millennials in the military and energy industries and presents suggestions for leading this generation  

Digital Transformation: The Impact on Innovation and Operational Excellence

In this exclusive interview, Rustom Mody – Vice President of Technical Excellence at Baker Hughes - provides useful insights into how disruptive technologies can help oil and gas companies transform their processes, reduce operating costs and improve collaboration among relevant stakeholders.

Mitigating Asset Risk at Suncor

In the lead up to the 2019 Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Summit in Houston, Leigh Mork, Director, Maintenance and Reliability Integration at Suncor Energy talks about Suncor’s approach to mitigating asset risk.

Maximizing Continuous Improvement at Europe's Largest Refinery

In the lead up to the Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Summit, Ýr talks us through how Continuous Improvement (CI) can act as a key enabler for business performance and outcome and how CI ways of working enabled Shell to start-up the Pernis refinery in less than one month...