This report was created with insights from over 100 LNG specialists from across the entire LNG Bunkering supply chain.

LNG Market Report 2019: What's Driving the Industry Forward?

By: Victoria Smart

The LNG market is booming! With record demand growth in 2018, the market is now worth north of $230 billion making it the fastest growing gas supply source. Ahead of the LNG Bunkering Summit: Mediterranean 2019, we surveyed over 100 specialists from across the entire LNG Bunkering supply chain to gain insights into the factors that are driving the LNG market forward.

Find a sneak peek of the results below!

Download the full infographic to find out how the industry responded to the below questions and more!

  • Will LNG become a widespread fuel for deep-sea shipping?
  • What is the #1 factor in adopting LNG as a fuel?
  • Which ship types are best suited to LNG fuels?
  • What is the biggest challenge in terms of operational infrastructure?

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