Past Presentations

Four Generations of Security Devices – Striking The Right Balance

Anantha Bangalore, Chief Architect at SCIT Labs, discusses cyber risk models, perimiter and proactive defenses, and the top 10 cyber security threats for oil and gas.

Boardroom Rodeo: How to Make Your CISO a Success

John McLaughlin, Executive Security Architect for North America at IBM Security, discusses CISO Strategy for the Oil and Gas Industry and what the CISO can do for the C-Execs.

Massively Scalable Access Control for IT/OT Cross-Domain Networks

Dr. Ernest Hampson, Director of the Jacobs Cyber Innovation Laboratory, presents on access control for IT/OT cross-domain networks.

Auditing Industrial Control Systems

Kamal Khan, Independent Consultant, presents on understanding how to encourage and embrace the culture of cybersecurity, learning how to combat corporate cyber negligence, and illustrating the international viewpoint on industrial cybersecurity.

Understanding the Convergence of OT and IT & How a Unified Security Programs Can Augment Cyber Security

Daniel Crandell, Supervisor at Cyber Security Enterprise Products, presents on developing methods for obtaining actionable intelligence, analyzing both corporate and industry data to obtain a predictive threat analysis, and keeping cyber efforts in balance with the growth of a company.