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Global incident map: Criminal activities affecting oil and fuel facilities, infrastructure and vessels

The illegal activity affecting the Oil and Fuel sector can take many forms and often takes advantage of poor governance or security in a given state. The profits then fund violent non-state actors such as criminals gangs or terrorist organisations, which affects global security. Ahead of this year’s Oil and Fuel Supply Chain Security conference, Defence iQ compiled a map outlining major criminal events in recent years affecting oil and gas security.

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Key benefits of downloading the map:

  • Understand the breadth of threats affecting the Oil and Fuel sector
  • Learn more about the measures your peers are implementing against criminal activities affecting the Oil and Fuel sector

The information contained in this map includes:

  • Pipeline theft – over 45,000 incidents that involved breaches to its oil pipelines took place in Nigeria from 2001 to 2019
  • Ships-to-ship transfers – North Korea is known to use ship-to-ship transfers to import oil into the country, with a 2019 UN report highlighting a “massive increase” in ship-to-ship transfers of petroleum and coal products
  • Cyber – Italian oilfield company Saipem confirmed in December 2018 a cyber attack on its servers had been identified, originating in India and primarily affecting its servers in the Middle East and infrastructure in Scotland
  • Terrorism – Houthi rebels reportedly attacked two major oil facilities in Saudi Arabia in September 2019, forcing the country to half oil production
  • Smuggling – It was revealed by the Malaysian Government than more than US$241 million had been lost due to smuggling of subsidised Liquefied Petroleum Gas between 2015 and 2017
  • Corruption – It was reported in March 2019 that 51 million litres of jet fuel, worth US$50 million and managed by state-run Kenya Pipeline Company, had disappeared

The Oil and Fuel Supply Chain Security conference is dedicated to countering criminal activities in the Oil and Fuel sector, where expert speakers will share knowledge and discuss solutions. To download the full agenda of the conference, please click here

Securing Ghana's oil supply chain: The role of the National Petroleum Authority

In this exclusive interview with Hassan Tampuli, Chief Executive Officer, National Petroleum Authority (NPA), learn more about the actions the organisation is taking to tackle illicit activities surrounding the oil supply chain in Ghana. Download the interview to:

  • Find out how the NPA is monitoring illicit supply chain activities
  • Discover how the ‘Petroleum Product Marking Scheme’ has helped secure the oil & fuel supply chain
  • Learn how collaboration between the NPA, the Ghanaian Government and Security Agencies has helped to prosecute criminals

Terrorism, Tapping and Transnational Crime: An Insight into Iraq’s Illegal Oil Activity

In the lead up to their participation in the inaugural Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security Conference, we spoke exclusively to General Mahmoud Al-Bayati, Former Director General, Counter-Terrorism and National Security Advisor, Iraq and Ali Younes, Regional Advisor, Terrorism Prevention Branch, Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa, UNODC about the challenges of illegal oil production and smuggling in the country since the advent of ISIL in Iraq. 

Case Study: Fuel Theft and Smuggling in the Philippines

Ahead of his participation in the inaugural Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security Conference, we spoke exclusively to Hon. Congressman Dakila Cua, Member House of Representatives & Chairman House Committee on Ways & Means, Republic of Philippines about the challenges of illicit fuel activity and its consequences on government revenues and organized crime in the nation.

A Crude Awakening: The Global Black Market For Oil

In association with Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security Summit 2018 Lead Sponsors, SIPCA, we have been able to share this shocking infographic of how Oil & Fuel Theft occurs and the extent to which it has ingrained itself in the hydrocarbons trade.

Infographic courtesy of Eurocontrol Technics Group. Design by Visual Capitalist. Based on Downstream Oil Theft: Global Modalities, Trends and Remedies, Atlantic Council Global Energy Centre.  Used with permission.

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