Achieving excellence by driving process safety culture and leadership

The oil and gas industry is potentially one of the most hazardous industry sectors in the Mena regions. For example, It has been estimated that the rate of accidents of it is 2.5% higher than construction industry and 7% than other critical sectors.

The combination of powerful equipment, flammable chemicals and processes that are under high pressure can lead to hazardous and even deadly incidents. That’s why it’s essential for leaders, safety managers and supervisors to identify communicate and constantly train recommended safety controls and hazards that exist to each employee.

The process safety management discipline involves the full work-chain of the upstream, downstream and mid-stream sector, and it has the aim to prevent catastrophes.

The 11th edition of the annual process safety management summit, taking place in Abu Dhabi on September 23-26, will offer you the opportunity to detail investigate into the best practices currently used by the main GCC oil and gas companies by focusing into Safety Critical Equipment, Safety Critical Instruments and New Technologies.

Meet our 2018 speakers

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Why you cannot miss this event?

Celebrate proactive efforts and achievements of PSM teams and encouraging next generation innovations like artificial intelligence, blockchain and IOT to improve PSM

Overcome gaps in management of change process with a systematic improvement program that’s also sustains and promotes safety culture

Learn how to lower incident rates across HAZOP, SIL and LOPA without disrupting production efficiencies

Bridging the gap between policy, process and operations by using efficient integrated systems of work

Reducing insurance premiums and also increasing morale of the workforce

Who should attend?

Heads of:

  • Process Safety
  • HSE
  • Engineering
  • Asset Integrity
  • Inspection
  • Technical Service
  • Assurance
  • Loss prevention

From the following industries:

  • Oil and gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Natural Gas
  • Exploration

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