Jérôme Fady, Vice President, Operational Excellence at Arkema

Jérôme Fady

Vice President, Operational Excellence

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Main Conference Day One

Wednesday, February 27th, 0019

8:55 AM Driving Operational Excellence to the Frontline: How to translate the business strategy into action and engage the frontline

Arkema has 19,000 employees based in 50 countries, with 137 industrial plants and 13 research
centers. As a chemical company, safety has always been a priority at Arkema. However, following
several major acquisitions, the company found itself in a unique position: as people joined the
company via mergers and acquisitions, they often brought their previous company’s culture along
with them. Arkema was challenged with the task of implementing a uniform company strategy across
several business units. In this case study we see how the company was able to overcome these
challenges and drive OE to the front line by:
• Creating a roadmap for the implementation journey from the boardroom to the frontline
• Aligning strategy with execution
• Identify opportunities to leverage OE tools to eliminate sources of value loss in your operations
• Embedding OE in your organizational DNA by engaging all employees
• Learning along the way: recent challenges and lessons learned