April 8 - 10, 2019 | Houston, Texas

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Huron Consulting Group
Website: http://www.huronconsultinggroup.com

Huron brings a depth of expertise in strategy, operations, advisory services, technology and analytics to drive lasting and measurable results in the energy sector. From operating model transformation to disruptive growth planning approaches proprietary to our Innosight subsidiary, Huron is an end-to-end strategy partner for our clients. Through focus, passion... Read More

Website: http://www.innovatia.net

Founded in 2000, Innovatia transforms our clients’ information into world-leading knowledge solutions that significantly improve their performance. Headquartered in Canada, Innovatia has more than 600 knowledge management professionals working in four countries across three continents, delivering business solutions to some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies. Innovatia delivers knowledge... Read More

Website: http://www.inovx.com/

Founded in 1999, INOVX provides a platform and solutions for 3D Asset Integrity Management to companies in the process industries worldwide. INOVX has developed software and procedures to create a highly precise, three-dimensional representation of a physical plant, with the ability to access available asset information. When integrated with existing... Read More

KBC Advanced Technologies
Website: http://www.kbcat.com

KBC Advanced Technologies (KBC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation. KBC is the leading technology-based consulting company to the process industries which creates and sustains value for clients by effectively converting their strategies into results through technical and commercial excellence under-pinned by engineering simulation and analytics. Thereafter KBC... Read More

Neste Engineering Solutions
Website: http://www.napconsuite.com

Neste’s NAPCON products offer a wide range of advanced process improvement and automation technology solutions to enhance production. The dedicated solutions based on extensive process know-how and modern control software engineering fulfil all the needs on the areas of Production Optimization, Quality Optimization, Safety, Logistics, Business Optimization, Energy Efficiency, Big... Read More

Rider International
Website: http://www.ridercorp.com/

Rider empowers companies to optimize performance, improve business processes and deliver control where it is needed. Our innovative approach ensures people are supported to work effectively and that the organisation has the information and analysis available to allow continual improvement. From compliance to safety our software ensures your organisation never... Read More

Website: http://www.voovio.com

Voovio’s simulation and productivity tools for industrial field operations save money and lower operational risk. Thanks to our intuitive and user-friendly tools, we boost performance, reduce downtime and solve industrial training and knowledge transfer challenges. Voovio’s power lies within its proprietary digital replica solution, which is coupled with critical operating... Read More


Website: http://www.ameco.com

AMECO is a full-service, global supplier of vehicles, construction equipment, tools, support services, and asset management solutions across multiple industries and government agencies. With a global network of preferred suppliers and manufacturers, we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions and the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and service. Read More

CSoft Technologies
Website: http://www.csofttechnologies.com

CSoft Technologies was established two decades ago based on a critical plant operations need for a central repository that contains all of the data associated with operator communications for each shift, each day for each position from the field operator to the Plant Manager, with key interfaces to plant data... Read More

Website: https://hashplay.net

IMMERSIVE DATA IS THE DEFINITION OF VISUAL INTELLIGENCE FOR DATA-DRIVEN INDUSTRIES: Hashplay’s Immersive Data uses ‘Alternate Reality’ visualization and GPU-driven database technology to turn your data into real-time insights. Deployed on-premise or in the Hashplay cloud, Immersive Data helps businesses and administrations understand data in its context to make better... Read More

Website: https://www.tdshou.com/

TDS was founded in 1993 as a company that specialized in writing process unit operating procedures and developing operator training for the refining and petrochemical industry sectors.  At that time, TDS services were specifically designed to help customers upgrade their documentation to process safety compliance requirements and to train new... Read More