June 4-6, 2019 | Calgary, AB
Tyson Dunlop, Area Technology Manager - Canada at Halliburton

Tyson Dunlop

Area Technology Manager - Canada

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Main Conference Day One: June 5,2019

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

1:10 PM Digitizing the Oilfield: Digital Transformation at Halliburton

Celebrating their 100th Year in 2019, Halliburton has long been viewed as “The Execution Company” in the
world of Oil & Gas. When Erle P. Halliburton started the company in 1919, it was based on a new technology to
cement wells.100 years later, the company still follows one of Erle’s first stated goals… “In short, we intend to
maintain leadership in our chosen field”. In this presentation, Tyson Dunlop, Area Technology Manager, Canada
at Halliburton, will discuss how the company is continuing Erle Halliburton’s goals in optimizing their oilfield
operations by using technology to improve production while reducing cost/boe, remaining safe, reliable and
efficient. If there is something Halliburton is great at doing it is collecting data – from well design to drilling to
well completions to production we gather data from each of our 14 product lines. And every year we add more
down hole and surface sensors and connectivity and our data output grows:
• Heat indicators and remote sensors for condition based maintenance and predictive analytics
• Fiber technology for remote monitoring of wells
• Converting data to insights with advanced data analytics
• This presentation will delve into some of the ways Halliburton is not only increasing
the collection, but also the use of Big Data