Industry Reports

Asset Optimization in Oil and Gas Report

Recently we surveyed over 200 operations leaders to understand how they are responding to today’s volatile market conditions and optimising asset performance. 

Download this insightful industry report to discover:

  • The specific actions that the oil and gas industry is currently taking to optimise its assets
  • The barriers preventing oil and gas leaders from achieving their asset optimisation goals
  • Why predictive and prescriptive maintenance has become a critical priority for the C Suite
  • How prepared oil and gas companies are for IoT, Cloud Services, Big Data and AI

Intelligent Automation in Energy: The Next Generation of Operational Excellence

In the lead up to the Operational Excellence & Risk Management Summit, we decided to take a closer look at how Intelligent Automation is improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing customer satisfaction levels.  

Big Data, Continual Improvement and Effective Operational Risk Management Analyses

Big Data is the IT phrase of the moment in almost every industry. The concept of collecting huge amounts of data to learn, manage and gain a competitive edge can be attractive to business leaders. In order to better manage operational risk and continuous improvement, collecting data effectively, identifying high value targets, and efficiently using a proper volume of information are critical elements. Collecting data can be time consuming and costly. Gaining optimum value from data you have is paramount, as is ensuring the data you collect is seen as a valuable asset by everyone in your organization. Turning data into valuable intelligence to guide businesses on
their path to Operational Excellence are not without challenges. 

In this paper we examine the core principles of making data produce the most valuable intelligence possible supported by industry best practice change management automation systems.