The Top 10 Shale Oil Rich Nations - COUNTDOWN

Posted: 07/08/2013

Shale oil is an unconventional hydrocarbon produced by oil and gas companies from shale rocks by the processes of pyrolysis, hydrogenation, or thermal dissolution.

These methods convert kerogen - a mixture of organic chemical compounds locked in sedimentary rocks –into synthetic oil and gas that can be used as a fuel or upgraded to meet refinery feedstock specifications.

The first recorded use of shale oil was in Switzerland and Austria in the early 1300s where it had supposed medicinal properties. In the USA, the Ute Indians of the Great Basin told Spanish explorers about "a rock that burns" in their native Utah and Colorado in the 1630s.

Although humans have been extracting shale oil for some seven centuries, it is not until the very recent past that we have been able to talk about commercial-scale exploitation of oil shales as a viable energy resource.

In the following piece we take a look at the top ten nations by technically recoverable shale oil reserves and the national animals of those respective nations!

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Posted: 07/08/2013

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