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Free Online Event September 24-25 2019  

Join Oil & Gas IQ as we work with end-users in the digital transformation space to provide an expected 1,000 oil and gas professionals [based on last two events] with thought-leadership on a variety of topics.

Over two days, there will be six sessions covering a range of knowledge levels – from “Fuelling progress: a what’s what of digital transformation” in the morning of Day One, to “Blockchain: the digital revolution’s biggest gun” at the close of Day Two.

Main Themes Include:

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Provide evidence of the financial benefits of investing in digital transformation

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Utilise case studies to show how companies can holistically achieve a transformation

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Alleviate concerns about the insurmountability of initiating a full digital transformation


Day One

12:00 BST – Sourcing a complete suite of connectivity: beginning your digital transformation

14:00 BST – Stored and real-time data: creating an interactive platform

16:00 BST – End-to-end operations: design, cash-flow, and valuation in your oil and gas enterprise

Day Two

12:00 BST – Data-driven decisions: data lakes, data swamps, and leveraging your business information

14:00 BST – Emerging technology: how innovative solutions can change the way we  think about digitalisation

16:00 BST – Blockchain: the digital revolution’s biggest gun

(Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to secure your place)