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Pipeline Coating degradation
Sunil Vedula | (0 answers) | Share your knowledge, answer this question.
I've organised a series of quick 30 mins webinars the first one about Asset Management Using Advance Planning Solution. How do we I post it here?
Hello, I have a couple questions. 1. What is a general estimate of penalties an OEM would be charged when they miss on time delivery date? 2. How important is a vendor product warranty to an OEM? What is the OEM's risk exposure if there is n
My question is in regards to a new licensing round which Egypt is planning to announce for blocks in the Mediterranean Sea in 2016: can oil&gas companies with their base in Cyprus bid for Egyptian blocks?
Please i want to know what is the full form of IQPC
raeesahmad | (4 answers) | Answer
Is Helicopter mandatory for Offshore Oil and gas industry for MEDEVAC? or it can be replaced by a Boat
rajrajsolomon | (8 answers) | Answer
is it easier to negotiate an oil and gas lease or a seismic agreement and why?
do companies most often use seismic permits,seismic options agreements or oil and gas leases in order to be able to do a seismic shoot and why?
where can I locate the pipeline compliance laws in Oman? Are there any pipeline compliance companies in Oman? What are the major pipeline projects in Oman?
Hydrotesting with water that is not supposed to be a compressible fluid? And when is it more advisable to perform pneumatic testing?
Nabz | (4 answers) | Answer
535 results
of 54