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1.How can i estimate fisher index in a sample of shale?I would like to know the method of analysis on lab scale. 2.I have another quarry in a testing method of halliburton product Baratrol plus. In the testing procedure it is prescribed that 0.5 gm. solid Naoh is added at end of mud preperation my question is that can't we add 0.5 gm NaoH in liquid form(i.e 340ml+0.5 gm NaOH in 10 ml)? It has been observed that afetr 16 hr rolling in an oven the clay particles form a clay ball around solid NaOH.I feels that NaOH pallets fails to react completly . If I take 0.5 gms Naoh dissolve in 10 ml NaoH and sitrrer for two minutes as per procedure the clay ball does not form in a pint jar after 16 Hrs. I had observed that there liquid NaoH gives better reaction with humic and gives better fluid loss. This is a matter of research for oil and gas experts. If u experts suggests me more better idea,i will be very with regards K.K.Dhawan Manager(QC/QA)

Posted: 02/10/2016