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We are currently conducting doctorate research into the FPSO conversion industry worldwide. We are looking for websites or organisations who could assist in providing me with avenues to collect data. What we have found through literary review is that more than 60% of all conversions have been over budget and or late in completion. The question is Why! Large multi national organisations have time after time allowed this to occur and the question is Why? The realms of project management are no different to the project management used in the building industry, the IT industry, new development and infrastructure industries but generally these other industries do not continually come in with the results as in the marine conversion industry for FPSO's. We are sourcing input form those who have been directly involved in FPSO projects worldwide for their individual anonymous and confidential input. The doctorate thesis is; &quote;Critical Success Factors for the Economical Conversion of Tankers to FPSOs.&quote; We have a list of questions which we would invite people to respond to, if they wish to be a part of the input into this topic. Things like &quote;whole of life costs&quote;, lessons learned, project management fundamentals, safety case management, interface management, change and variation management and simple cost accounting seem to just fly out the door on a repetitive nature.

Author: researcher
Posted: 02/10/2016