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We are currently working on a project that requires us to study the Canadian oil and gas lab testing industry. It would be very helpful if you can answer the following questions for us: • We are focusing on laboratory services for oil and gas industry in Canada. From our understanding oil and gas production can be divided into upsteam, midstream, and downstream. Can you please list a few commonly required laboratory tests specific for each stream? Also, please indicate if a particular test is carried out in more than one stream or all streams. o Upstream tests: o Midstream tests: o Downstream tests: • Could you also provide approximate prices for carrying out the above tests (in canada, if not then the US)? If not, please classify the above named tests as expensive, mid-ranged, or cheap. • Do these laboratories engage directly with oil and gas companies or do they carry out tests for other parties involved in the process such as contractors working for oil and gas companies or transport companies Thanks and regards Feel free to contact me at abhinav.ray@thesmartcube.com

Author: abhinavray
Posted: 02/10/2016