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We are Ukrainian commercial company &quote;Institute geophysics and problems of the Earth&quote; are the owners of a patented technology for searching and exploration for minerals (remote sensing technology for exploration risk reduction). Our technology can identify the oil gas fields with the accuracy of 98%. The &quote;Deep Vision&quote; technology uses the principle of NMR-tech, Kirlian effect and the unique knowhow allowing to quickly (within 4 months) and precisely execute search and detailed exploration of deposits both on land and on adjoining shelf. If your company needs to correct the location of oil gas fields on your Projects, we specify the exact coordinates of the deposits, as the power of layers in horizons with the help of our technology. Our technology works in any climate and extreme conditions at any temperature and completely safe for the environment. &quote;Deep Vision&quote; technology is a technology for direct discovery of oil gas deposits in the short term.

Author: alexy
Posted: 02/10/2016