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What is the best pulling tech of pipe section….hypothesis also welcomed …..? About pulling technique of pipe 48"x25mm Two Day before I inspected and noticed that the pulling technique of M/s …. cont.Ltd at ……. Side of INDIA LTD. The point I noticed and can be improved in next HDD pipe pulling time. 1.They didn’t made ramp by making slop for pipe pulling which can help reduce many lifting equipping and load sharing devices . 2.All the lifting equipment are supporting from one side only.(It should be from both sides) 3.Maximum loading area also damaging coating and struck smooth operations which also not helping in healthy coating . 4. In loading area the roller must be connected by chain so that it help in smooth operations of rollers and can maintain to keep healthy coating. 5 By removing(Reducing no ) /planned lifting equipment and chaining further rollers on other roller also (Without taking care of exact alignment of roller) can also speed up pulling and also helping in distribution of load (small area to larger area which is better for grip and also help in other so many points ) There are so many other point I also noticed too this is for …..focusing for pipe section pulling tech…

Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Posted: 02/10/2016