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December 3-4, 2019 

In times of unprecedented levels of complexity and volatility throughout the oil and gas industry, companies are looking where best to cut costs and improve efficiencies. As historically low commodity prices, geopolitical events, disruptive technologies and increased regulation add extra pressures to oil and gas operations, Oil & Gas IQ introduces a new online event to help companies solve these challenges.

Asset Optimization in Oil & Gas: Online 2019 will offer attendees the opportunity to discover how the most innovative oil and gas companies are adopting the latest technologies on their operations to improve efficiencies across the board and which digital asset optimization practices they are leveraging.

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What you will learn by attending this event

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What oil and gas firms have been doing to maximize the swaths of data at their disposal

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How to utilize the latest technologies to increase productivity and reduce downtime

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Why automation, AI, the IoT and machine learning are transforming the oil and gas industry

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Day One

09:00 ET (GMT +5): Asset Performance Optimization in action: OpenText customer case study
Speaker: Martin Richards, Senior Director, Energy Industry Strategist, OpenText

  • Transitioning to Industry 4.0 and how to start
  • From reactive to proactive operations
  • Case example: Equipment failure predictive maintenance through OpenText Magellan
    • Automated predictive maintenance
    • Self-service predictive maintenance

    11:00 ET (GMT +5): Using data analytics to enhance asset productivity
    Speaker: TBC

    • Learn how companies have been tapping into the swaths of data at their disposal to solve recurring productivity issues.
    • Find out why a growing number of oil and gas companies are turning to data professionals to solve longstanding problems.
    • Discover which technologies are transforming the oil and gas industry‚Äôs approach to data management and analysis.

      13:00 ET (GMT +5): Maximizing inventory output to increase ROI on asset expenditure
      Speaker: TBC

      • Learn how oil and gas professionals have been monitoring core assets to increase their ROI.
      • Discover why monitoring assets can offer more than increases in productivity and reductions in downtime.
      • Hear how businesses are reviewing asset optimization initiatives, shifting their strategies and increasing ROI as a result.

        Day Two
        09:00 ET (GMT +5): Utilizing the latest technological advancements to reduce equipment downtime and increase output
        Speaker: TBC

        • Listen to stakeholders share how they are implementing cutting-edge tools and technologies for advanced data collection, management, analysis and visualization.
        • Learn how companies are using lasers, ultrasound imaging and other groundbreaking technologies for inspection and monitoring.
        • Find out why a combination of technological solutions could create a comprehensive solution to longstanding maintenance issues.

        11:00 ET (GMT +5): Demonstrating strong leadership to ensure teams understand the value of asset integrity and optimization
        Speaker: TBC

        • Hear from leaders who are helping oil and gas companies understand why it is never too late to adopt new technologies to enable resilient asset optimization solutions.
        • Learn about the latest remote training programs and innovative coaching techniques that are improving the approach teams are taking toward asset optimization.
        • Why managers do not necessarily need to be experts in the latest technological solutions when demonstrating strong leadership.

        13:00 ET (GMT +5): Machine learning and AI: Transforming the art of asset optimization
        Speaker: TBC

        • Discover how process-heavy jobs are now being carried out autonomously due to AI, the IoT and machine learning.
        • Hear how oil and gas companies are deepening their insights into grid performance, fraud prevention and optimization of assets through machine learning and AI solutions.
        • Learn why oil and gas professional are embracing AI to embolden innovation throughout their operations.