The FSRU Market: 2020 And Beyond

The FSRU Market: 2020 And Beyond

The increase in demand for LNG in different countries’ energy mix signify an increase in demand for FSRUs as a less expensive and time-consuming technology as compared to onshore import terminals. There are currently 42-62 proposed import projects using FSRU facilities, although only seven of these have signed charter agreements for the vessels. This leaves around 35-55 projects still seeking to secure FSRU vessels, including those yet to reach a final investment decision (FID).

The FSRU market is also in demand to help make natural gas available readily in local markets. Diversification in the market is highly visible, fulfilling the demands for LNG and natural gas on a global level. In addition, FSRU businesses are also witnessing exponential growth due to the growing demand for green fuel all over the globe.

To discover the state of the market in 2020 and beyond, The FSRU World Congress team spoke with Xi Nan, VP, Gas and Power Markets Rystad Energy about its future and where we stand now.

In this report, you will discover:

  • Overview of global FSRU market
  • Current & Forecasted Projects 2008 – 2020
  • Trends in the FSRU market
  • Challenges And Opportunities For 2020

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