28 - 30 January, 2020 | Postillion Convention Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Global LNG Bunkering Summit 2020 Agenda

The Global LNG Bunkering Summit is the world's fastest growing and largest LNG Bunkering event focusing on active projects from across the entire value chain. It's returning again 28-30th January 2020. Fill in your details on the right to view the 2020 ag ...

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Early Confirmed 2020 Attendee List

Download the list of early confirmed attendees to find out who you could meet at the Global LNG Bunkering Summit 2020! 

LNG Bunkering 2019 Sample Attendee List

List of job titles and organisations that attended the 2019 Global LNG Bunkering Summit. Download for a better idea of who to expect to meet in 2020.Fill in the form below for your copy of the list >>


A Global Market Trend Analysis 2020

The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) market is globalising as buyers, seller numbers and types expand. Ahead of the LNG Bunkering Summit 2020, Oil and Gas IQ surveyed leading industry professionals on the current state of the LNG market, major growth drivers and key industry trends. The results have been complied...

Understanding Regulations, Sustainable Shipping, Alternative Marine Fuels and LNG

As the shipping industry continues to adapt to the impact of IMO 2020, we have witnessed a considerable shift in the adoption of LNG bunkering, which in turn has led to a growth in commercial opportunities across the supply chain. However, questions still persist, notably around long-term viability and alternative...

Is Liquefied Natural Gas Truly the Fuel of the Future

In this report we examine the pros and cons of LNG, along with current and future infrastructure plans as well as a projection for the coming years. Topics covered include: - Understanding LNG- Rules and resulations- The sulphur cap- Cost and safety- Environmental concerns- Ports and infrastructure- Future growth and...


LNG vs Alternative Fuels: The Future of Sustainable Shipping

With the introduction of new long-term carbon emission targets, a number of alternative fuels are being considered alongside LNG within the marine sector. With insights from Sjaak Klap, VP Business Development, Spliethoff, this article will explore various alternative fuels under consideration and how these compare to LNG from a cost,...

Industry Insights: The Business Case for LNG

In this article, we speak exclusively with Stefaan Adriaens, Commercial Manager, Gate Terminal B.V and Gerben Dijkstra, Business Development Manager, Anthony Veder Group N.V. to explore the business case behind LNG adoption both in the lead up to 2020 and post-2020. This piece also discusses the next wave of challenges...