WEBINAR: How to Achieve Inventory Management Excellence

Now is the time to align your materials management with your asset management strategy to reduce costs and downtime

Join this free webinar and gain practical guidance for ensuring you hit the sweet spot to achieve inventory management excellence

This webinar will take place on:
28 July, 2021
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM EST

Expanding on the foundations of building and implementing an efficient maintenance management regime from our part 1 webinar (The Ultimate Guide to Building your Maintenance Management Regime – June 30), this session will focus on how to capitalize on the investment of quality and structured data to unlock cost savings across inventory, logistics and supply chain management tactics.

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To mitigate risk of downtime, assure profitability and the safety integrity of an operating facility, regardless of the sector you are operating in, it is crucial to strike the perfect balance between holding enough spares to mitigate risk whilst minimizing expenditure.

From an inventory management and maintenance perspective, efficiently and cost effectively procuring the right equipment, at the right time for maintenance to commence without delay is fundamental for achieving asset performance goals and is one of the biggest challenges that operating facilities face during day-to-day operations.

Issues ranging from equipment obsolescence to ordering the wrong parts and warehouses being full of kit you will never need is an industry wide headache.

This webinar will provide access to exclusive advice and techniques to overcome these challenges to ensure you hit the sweet spot of inventory management excellence, without draining the bank. Join us and:

  1. Learn how to identify issues and risks in current inventory management practices and the impact this can have on business performance and lost value
  2. Understand the fundamental areas to address that will unlock hidden savings within your supply chain
  3. Apply fundamental inventory management principles to avoid unnecessary waste and downtime

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Meet the speakers:

Stuart Murray, Technical Manager at Add Energy

Stuart Murray is a seasoned asset management engineer with over 15 years’ experience in building, optimizing, and implementing maintenance and materials management regimes across a variety of asset types, in every region of the world.

As the technical lead for numerous maintenance and materials build projects, including the world’s largest asset management project for BP, Stuart has developed and implemented processes and cutting-edge technology in deploying a cost effective and quality assured maintenance and materials management regimes, proven to maximize equipment performance and optimize OPEX

David Logie, Maintenance Engineer at Add Energy

David Logie is an experienced maintenance engineer with hands on experience of running day-to-day maintenance management regimes where he was responsible for assuring the correct spares were available for breakdown and planned maintenance work orders, amongst other key operational responsibilities.

With a background in working in an extremely faced-paced operational environment, David has experienced first-hand, the real-life challenges that can occur when your inventory data and processes are incomplete or lack quality. Through his experience, David is well positioned to offer guidance on proven inventory optimization initiatives that will unlock efficiencies in your maintenance management regime.

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