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The Next Generation of Operational Excellence

As the new normal unfolds for the oil and gas industry, the leaders are focused on harnessing efficiencies in their operations and becoming more agile. Intelligent Automation is offering the industry the opportunity to use the information they have at their fingertips to uncover efficiencies at a rapid pace – allowing them to better monitor their operations and improve business performance quickly.

Join over 1200 oil and gas leaders at Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas ONLINE and learn how to leverage intelligent automation tools in the field and in the back office to dramatically boost your bottom line, manage operational risk and drive enterprise operational excellence. Learn how to leverage AI, IIot, ML and more to enhance operational intelligence now.

Walk away with the tools you need to:
  • Define and operationalize your digital strategy
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Leverage condition-based monitoring
  • Build the business case for automation
  • Unlock human potential with Robotic Process Automation
  • Prioritize the areas of your business to automate
  • Reduce asset risk and downtime with machine learning for predictive maintenance
  • Enable, adapt and upskill your people and organization
  • Reduce human risk with AI systems that enable real-time, safety-critical decisions

5 Reasons to Attend

Hear the best case studies from across the globe

No travel costs or time out of the office necessary

Access the content on demand and watch in your own time

Assess the latest technological innovations 

Free to attend for in house industry practitioners


9:00 ET 
PANEL DISCUSSION: Digital Transformation: Leveraging Automation as a Tool to Drive Business Results
Tim Westhoven, Technology Scouting and Ventures Advisor, ExxonMobil 
Caryn Ogier, Project Manager, Operations Technology, Noble Energy 
Sushma Bhan, Chief Data Officer - Development and Wells, Shell 
Ravi Srivastava, Vice President, Data and Ops Technology, CNX
Panel Moderator: Bob Baughman, CEO, HUVRdata

10:00 ET
Predictive Asset Optimization in Oil & Gas
Jim Chappell, Head of AI & Advanced Analytics, AVEVA

11:00 ET
Accelerating O&G Automation: Practical Lessons from the Front Line
 Scott Leshinski, Managing Director, Huron
Taylor Kennedy, Intelligent Automation Manager, Huron

12:00 ET
Next Generation Operational Excellence with Digital Twins: Aligning Strategy, Business Needs and Priorities

12:45 ET
From RFP to Automation: RPA at a Major Integrated Oil Company

1:30 ET
From Strategy to Reality: Intelligent Automation as a Tool to Drive Business Results


9:00 ET
Panel Discussion: Consolidating Software: Which Ones to Lose and Which Ones to Choose
Pedro Buhigas, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Basic Energy Services
Biju Misra, Director, Operations - Enterprise Services, Enbridge
Moderator: Rob Ratchinsky, CEO, ENGAGE

9:45 ET
Robotic Industrial Process Automation: How is it Different From Traditional Robotic Process Automation?
Vicki Knott, CEO and Co-Founder, Crux OCM

10:30 ET
Process Mining in Oil and Gas: How it Works and What it Can Do for You!

11:15 ET
The Digitally Enabled Worker: Supporting your Workforce through Digital Transformation

12:00 ET
Inside Chevron’s Finance Digital Transformation
Monika Mangla, Director, Global Finance Digital TransformationChevron 


9:00 ET
Building an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE)
Biju Misra, Director, Operations - Enterprise Services, Enbridge

10:00 ET
Asset Integrity Management: Leveraging AI in Oil & Gas

11:00 ET
ExxonMobil Case Study: Value Generation from Artificial Intelligence Initiatives
Vinit Verma, Senior Technology Advisor, ExxonMobil

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Who should attend? 

    • Operations
    • Technology
    • Operational Risk Management
    • Projects
    • Maintenance and Reliability
    • EH&S
    • Business Process Management / Optimization
    • Asset Management
    • Transformation, Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence
    • Digital Transformation
    • Data Science
    • Automation
    • Manufacturing/ Production
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • Operations Management Systems

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