The World’s Only Conference Dedicated To Countering Pipeline Tapping, Illegal Bunkering and Oil & Fuel Security Breaches

26 - 27 May, 2021 | Online Event

All Sessions Available On Demand From
Wednesday 26 May 2021

For the first time in the event’s history, Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security is going digital!  Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security Online will serve as a collaborative forum for government, military and law enforcement personnel, to highlight important themes and scrutinise key issues surrounding oil and fuel security. 

With annual worldwide thefts of oil and fuel estimated to be worth $133 billion, the need for a coordinated international response is critical. The only event of its kind globally, Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security Online will provide a unique platform for addressing the sheer diversity of threats and breadth of the challenge. It will serve as a solution-led forum with a focus on isolating and preventing loss throughout the entire supply chain.

The 2021 event represents an unmissable opportunity to gain market intelligence, discover upcoming requirements, and engage with both new and existing customers

Topics under consideration in 2021 include, but are not limited to: prevention of mid and down-stream theft, tracking and tracing methodologies, countering adulteration, the importance of cyber security in preventing cyber OT attacks, countering UAV threats, as well as using UAV as a surveillance solution.

All Sessions Available On Demand From Wednesday 26 May 2021! 

    2021 Speakers Include:

    Bringing Together Stakeholders From
    Across The Globe

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    Why Attend Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security Online? 

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    Identify loss and manipulation within the supply chain 

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    Adopt security and surveillance technology to monitor and protect transportation and storage assets 

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    Explore solutions from fuel dyes to molecular marking in order to prevent subsidy abuse and fuel fraud

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    Understand the cyber threat to oil and fuel transportation infrastructure and how to deliver the protection required

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    Protect brand reputation by adopting new quality assurance strategies for LNG, crude oil, lubricants and fuels

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    Interact with key partners in the fight against oil and fuel smuggling to develop an integrated response to this challenge

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    Adopt technology-enabled solutions to improve investigations and prosecutions

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    Discover new and emerging solutions that can help you deliver enhanced security to protect pipelines from tapping

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    Stop the trade and usage of illicit or adulterated fuels in your country

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