Interview with DUSUP on process safety

Download this interview with Mike Ford, Maintenance Manager at Dubai Supply Authority, he shares his insights on the biggest challenges that process safety stakeholders in the energy industry face, the solutions available to solve these challenges, and how future technologies of AI and blockchain can be used. 

Experts’ View - Insights on process safety challenges and solutions required for the energy sector

We recently interviewed process safety stakeholders from ADNOC Offshore, DUSUP, TransCo, DUQM Refinery, Condor Petroleum and Eni Italy to gain their insight on the key challenges, focuses and leading technology requirements that will shape up a robust process safety culture. Download this complimentary interview, you’d see some diverse as well as some similar perspectives shared by our experts, on few key questions asked to these professionals, including:

  • Biggest current challenges for the energy sector regarding process safety
  • What are the new technologies these experts are looking to implement for a robust safety culture?
  • What role will IoT, AI, RPA, Blockchain play in the energy sector for process safety in the coming years?

Interview with Michael Godfrey, Process Safety Engineering Section Leader, Process Safety Engineering Section, ADNOC Offshore

Download this interview where Michael shares his insights on current challenges and highlights how new technologies such as AI, IoT and blockchain will benefit operators to save time, resources, and hands-on attention.

Exclusive interview: Condor Petroleum’s process safety strategies

Download William Hatcher’s interview who’s the Chief Operation Officer at Condor Petroleum where he covers the most pressing challenges and tasks that an organisation faces in terms of safety and the latest technologies and practices being adopted in all of Condor Petroleum’s operations.

You will be able to:

  • Understand Condor Petroleum’s strategies on process safety
  • Learn how AI, RPA, IoT and blockchain will play a role in the energy sector for process safety in the coming years
  • Gain insights on the new technologies they are looking to implement for a robust safety culture