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This is how you control contract growth [WEBINAR]

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM GMT


In this free-to-attend webinar, 30-year project contracts professional, Ian Foster, analyses findings from the recent contract growth industry survey. In his discussion, Ian will address each issue and offer real-world methods that can be applied today to avoid these problems on current and future projects.

  1. Learn what the biggest causes of contract growth are in the industry today
  2. Learn how to apply solutions that will avoid these issues in the future
  3. Hear real-world lessons learned from an experienced industry professional.

This expert session will offer project professionals involved with contracts on major oil and gas projects advice on how they can ensure future projects experience more successful project execution.

The webinar will include anecdotal solutions from an experienced contract manager as well as insight into new software technologies (such as Coreworx) that will address these common issues.

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Ian Foster
Commercial Manager
MMR Group, Ltd - SunZia

Ian Foster is the Commercial Manager, MMR Group, Ltd. - SunZia SouthWest Transmission Project. Prior to this role, Ian was Executive Director and Global Functional Leader for Contracts Management at Fluor. During his 28 years within the Contract Management Group at Fluor, he had global responsibility for the contract management function and worked on many strategic assignments including global resource development, and portfolio assignments in people development, training, work process development/implementation, and systems development.